Admission Procedures


To apply for our program we ask that
several steps be followed:

  • Call or use the contact form to book a private consultation with our Admissions Representative

    STEP 01

  • Fill out and submit the application package1

    STEP 02

  • Osaka Gakugei Entrance Exam (does not apply to returnee & international students) 

    STEP 03

  • BC Entrance Exams and Interview2

    STEP 04


    STEP 05

For more information we ask that you to contact our Admissions department

By phone (Japanese only)


Reception: 10: 00 ~ 17: 00 on weekdays

Or email


And/or book a private consultation to address each student’s individual concerns.
1Application packages are distributed after each consultation.

2Returnee and international applicants may be asked to take a Japanese proficiency assessment


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