After Graduation

Successful graduates of the BC/DD Program will see their choices vastly expand when it comes to their future. Not only will students learn the skills to perform and compete at an international level, they will receive support and guidance with university applications within the Career Education and Career Life Connections courses.

Why choose BC/DD?

Universities Abroad


    • University of British Columbia
  • University of Alberta
  • University of Victoria

The UK

  • University of Nottingham
  • Cambridge University

Why choose BC/DD?

  • The BC/DD Program uses the same teaching methods as Western universities abroad
  • Students are instructed through active learning where they will develop creativity and critical thinking
  • Classes instructed by BC-certified teachers are English immersion
  • Application planning and support by faculty
  • Apply without obtaining TOEFL, SAT, or other qualifications.

Japanese Universities


    • ICU
    • Waseda University
    • Sophia University
    • Keio University 
    • Chuo University
    • Doshisha University
    • Ritsumeikan University

Why choose BC/DD?

  • Special entrance procedures for students who hold a BC Dogwood Diploma
  • Prepares students for the 2020 university entrance examination reforms which will test critical thinking
  • High-level English acquired by immersion lessons and homestay in Canada
  • Development of higher-order thinking skills
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