BC/DD Program


The BC/DD Program is a bilingual English-Japanese high school graduation program offered by OGCIS and Osaka Gakugei Senior High School. Through close collaboration and an integrated schedule, we offer all necessary courses to graduate with a British Columbia Dogwood Diploma as well as a Japanese High School Diploma. Students who are successful in the 3-year intensive program will see many doors opened to them that they never thought possible. They will not only be able to attend high level Japanese and foreign universities, they will also see their world-view and perspectives widen to a greater understanding of themselves and the world. 


Classes taught in English (at OGCIS) follow the new British Columbia curriculum as developed by the BC Ministry of Education. The same curriculum is used by all public schools in the province and is recognized by all provinces and universities in Canada. All teachers of the BC curriculum are graduates of Canadian universities and are fully-certified in BC, Canada.  Classes taught in Japanese (at Osaka Gakugei Senior High School) are taught by fantastic local teachers licensed in Japan.  Osaka Gakugei Senior High School is fully accredited under Article 1 of Japan's School Act.


Access a quick overview to the BC curriculum changes here

For further information about the BC curriculum please visit https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/

Students can access their Japanese curriculum here (Japanese only)

Curriculum assessment practices and policies can be accessed here


Listen to a student interview (Japanese; English from 5:43):





  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Career Education
  • Career Life Connections


  • Mathematics
  • Technology & Informatics
  • Physical Education & Health
  • Biology/Physics
  • Communication English
  • Art
  • Home Economics
  • History/Social Studies
  • General Studies
  • ‘Science’ represents several courses through each year including Chemistry and Physics.
  • ‘Language Arts’ represents English language courses, through different levels, all leading to our offering of high university entry/B.C. standards by the end of grade 12.
  • ‘Mathematics’ represents a group of courses, through different levels, that students have access to (including courses such as Pre-Calculus and Calculus).

SAMPLE 3-Year Curriculum (credit hours)



    Language Arts

    By utilizing the six fundamental language skills (speaking, listening, writing, reading, viewing, and representing) students will acquire high level English language proficiency. They can then use their skills as
    a means of actively contributing to a global society.


    Career Education (Grade 10/11) / Graduation Capstone (Grade 12)

    The BC Graduation Program curriculum features compulsory courses during all three years dedicated to providing students with information and support concerning post-secondary admissions and applications.


All Grade 10 students will participate in a short-term study abroad program in British Columbia that lasts for five weeks during July and August. They will experience Canadian ways of life firsthand while staying with a host family. Successful completion of this program will earn them four (4) credits for Social Studies 10.

About The short-term study abroad in Sooke

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