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OGCIS is an official BC Offshore School fully-certified by the Ministry of Education and Childcare of the Province of British Columbia, Canada.


Established in 2019, we had our first graduating class in March 2022. 

OGCIS is currently sharing a campus with and is in close collaboration with the BC/DD program

host school Osaka Gakugei Senior High School located in Osaka, Japan.


Our Mission:

"To empower future mindful leaders who will flourish in and enrich a global society."

Our Values:

Mindfulness, Accountability, and Integrity 

Our Approach:

The dual BC/ Japanese graduation diploma provides a focus on excellence in academics, arts, and athletics. Building on a strong Japanese academic and cultural foundation, students will also develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes within the BC curriculum program. Critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration are the cornerstones to prepare our students now and for the future. This program will strengthen the bond between Japan and Canada. Upon graduation, students will be able to apply to top universities in Japan and around the world. 

Truth and REconciliation:

Here at OGCIS we are proud to provide an education that aligns with the First Peoples Principles of Learning. Through an integration of Indigenous knowledge and worldviews, students are provided with opportunities to understand and appreciate the contributions and cultural diversity of Indigenous people not only in Canada but around the world. OGCIS is committed to ensuring all graduates have a deep understanding of the intergenerational impacts of colonization, particularly in Canada, through studies of the Indian Act and the residential school system, as well as introductions to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada and the 94 Calls to Action. Students are encouraged to reflect on how their own life may have been impacted by colonialist ideologies and to acknowledge the intersectional challenges faced by marginalized peoples. It is important to us as a school and community to show compassion for all those we share this Earth with and to turn towards history no matter how dark and painful. It is also important for us to celebrate the rich cultural tapestry in the form of stories that have been graciously shared with us and that we are grateful to be given the opportunity to receive.  












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