Hello, my name is Michael Brown. Please accept my invitation to learn more about our incredible school community at OGCIS. We will provide you with information about the British Columbia high school curriculum that will be delivered to students in English.


Our program is a three-year long, grade 10-12 program in which students will be immersed in English classes over 60% of the time. All BC teachers are highly trained and are certified by the BC Ministry of Education. Our school is inspected every year and always exceeds expectations at the conclusion of the inspection. Our students focus on communication, creative and critical thinking, personal and social responsibility, and personal and cultural identity. These skills along with the academic rigour expected from our program, will provide students with the tools to be successful at the university of their choice; our students are the embodiment of global thinkers and global learners.


It is our goal to support our students in becoming proficient and skilled in all forms of English communication. Our students will be well prepared for university and college entrance in Japan and internationally. The BC Dual Diploma program we offer is rigourous but rewarding as our students receive a Japanese and a BC diploma upon graduation. I have worked in grade 10-12 BC schools for over twenty-five years and can attest that the BC diploma is highly valued and recognized by universities around the world.


We invite you to come to OGCIS and meet with our wonderful, supportive teachers who are passionate about education. Our staff welcomes the opportunity to guide you to a brighter future!


Michael Brown

BC Principal

Osaka Gakugei Canadian International School

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