Study Abroad

OGCIS is occasionally able to accommodate requests to enroll for a year of study abroad and applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.  As an official offshore school of British Columbia, OGCIS offers the same curriculum that British Columbian students learn and awarded credits can be easily transferred to schools around the world. Students may also have the chance to take elective classes under the Japanese educational system through a partnership with our host Japanese high school and can join culture-specific club activities such as calligraphy and tea ceremony.


Class Schedule
School Year

OGCIS follows the Japanese education system with our school year beginning in April during the full bloom of cherry blossoms and concluding in March. We also use a term system with all classes being taken for the duration of the year (as opposed to the semester system commonly used many British Columbia schools). While some students find this challenging, they also learn important time management and organizational strategies to help them balance their workload.  


Our school does not have on campus housing or dormitories available for students, so it is each family’s responsibility to make living arrangements for their child for the duration of their studies at OGCIS. 



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