Guest Speaker

Today Mr. Ginn Kitaoka visited OGCIS students as a guest speaker to talk about his experiences working in international business, particularly his work with Hyogo Prefecture and their sister city Seattle, Washington.  Mr. Kitaoka provided them with advice in context we hope they can carry with them throughout their time at OGCIS and beyond. Although there was little time for questions, some students stayed behind into their lunch time to talk to and thank Mr. Kitaoka. We are very grateful to him to lend his time to come speak to our students and teach them valuable lessons about working abroad as non-native English speakers. Some of the most impactful words based on Mr. Kitaoka's experiences abroad were "be brave" and "be proud." He encouraged the students to bravely speak even when they don't have confidence in their English, and to be proud of the knowledge they have to share with others. 


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