Sooke Update #2


Students have reached the 2-week mark of their studies in Sooke, BC.  Although they are finding the content of their social studies lessons challenging, they are all tackling it with a positive attitude. Currently they are learning about the structure of the Canadian government and its three main branches (executive, legislative, and judicial) as well as Human Rights as defined by Canada. In addition, students visited historical buildings in downtown Victoria,  Fort Rodd Hill (Esquimalt Naval Base), and the University of Victoria. By special arrangement students also visited downtown Vancouver and the University of British Columbia campus on Saturday. In order to do so they woke up at 5:30am and arrived back with their host families late in the evening. To unwind they have gone swimming, played mini-golf, and have enjoyed various activities with their host families. We hope that they are finding balance between their studies and leisure as such a balance is an important part of BC culture as a whole.



To learn more about Human Rights in Canada click here (external link)

To learn more about Canada's government click here (external link)



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