Sooke Update #3


Students have begun to learn about Canada's colonial past and the residential school system in Canada in connection with their studies about Human Rights which can be described as a cultural genocide.  It is a difficult topic to study but a very important part in giving us a full understanding of Canada's history.  Students heard a first-hand account from brother Rick who was generous in giving students his time to tell the story "Secret Path."  We are so grateful to him for sharing with us and we will cherish the lessons he has taught us.  Students then had the chance to visit the BC Museum and watch a film about the Canadian Spirit Bear, visit the parliament building in Victoria, and of course spend more time with their host families. 


To watch a short video summary about Canadian Residential Schools click here (external link)

To learn more about the TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission) click here (external link)

To learn more about the The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund and The Secret Path click here (external link)

Fans of podcasts can check out the All My Relations Podcast based in Tacoma, Washington (external link)



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